Commonly Asked Questions

1Can we use your services on a as call basis ?
Yes, if you do not wish to have a contract with us and only require cleaning or someone to greet a guest once in awhile we are available.
2I live overseas so can you take care of everything?
Yes many of our clients live abroad. We will have a written contract between our client and our company so our client knows what to expect from us.We also from time to time take pictures of the property and send them to our clients to show what we have done.
3Once my property is cleaned and ready for guest does your management inspect the work done?
Yes. Once a property is ready for the next guest our staff call us while they are still there for our supervisor to visit and give the seal of approval.
4I have a three bedroom house I rent through Airbnb, is your services just for condos?
No, our services cover all property types. We have different rates depending on the size of the property.
5If my condo or house has maintenance issues will you fix it?
Our team inspect everything for damage or repairs needed. If it is urgent such as a broken pipe we will arrange for it to be fixed. We will do our best to contact the property owner first but at times the time difference makes that hard so we use our judgment.
6Our property is not rented much so it can get dusty between guests so do you do a full cleaning job in this case?
If your property was cleaned prior we will do a proper dusting and vacuuming to clean dust and make everything fresh. We will set up our welcome package ready for your guest. We will discount our price for this.

Testimonials From Our Clients

We have 2 airbnb properties managed by Cebu Condo Services and are very happy. Before we found these guys it was a headache to meet guests and hand over keys as we live some distance from our rental. Now everything is easy and we have great reviews from our guest saying how clean our properties were and how helpful we are but in reality Cebo Condo Services were taking care of everything.
Robert & Nica
Thank You Cebu Condo Services. Without you I dont know what I would do. I live around 8 months of the year abroad so I rent out my apartment through airbnb and these guys at Cebu Condo Services fully manage everything for me. Perfect.
Joan P