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What Guests Look For When Deciding The Best Property To Book?
September 24, 2017

Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

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Out of every 100 of all Airbnb hosts, only about 7 hosts make it to the prestigious category of Airbnb Super hosts. This is because most of people lack the creativity to present their property well in the eyes of online guests.
Presentation is an art – one which most people are unfamiliar with so it’s best to share valuable information about the top mistakes most Airbnb hosts make, which ultimately makes them a victim of low income.

1. Incomplete Listings

This is a bummer. Imagine yourself as a guest, waiting to book a property on Airbnb. If you come across a property with incomplete listing, chances are you will very quickly move on to the next one. So it’s better to list complete information in an easy way.
Make sure that your calendar is regularly updated and that price is competitive for your area.

2. Poor Pricing Strategy

To improve your Airbnb listings, update your content regularly. If you are unsure about how do it, consult a professional content writer.
Also, it is important to have a sound pricing strategy. Make sure there’s an ebb and flow in your pricing pattern. Around the holidays, the pricing needs to be higher while offseason demands a lower price.
One of the biggest mistakes realtors make is that they either don’t change the content or keep the same pricings throughout the year. This is a serious blow to their income. It is advised to regularly change your content and your pricings to improve your rankings in the SEO of Airbnb.

3. Hospitality Is the Key to Success

Don’t make your property stand out like every other moneymaking machine. Instead, offer hospitality at the farthest ends to make sure the client is attracted to you forever. Offer complimentary drinks to new guests and leave flowers outside their rooms. If you have a newly-wed couple or a couple celebrating their anniversary, surprise them up with a cake or a box full of chocolates. You just have to be creative over here.
If your client gets impressed by your hospitality, chances are he/she will come back again. The client may even recommend your villa or condo to his friends and family members.

4. Poor Photos

Humans are very much keen on visualization. In the absence of photos, a human will generally assume your property is simply not worth paying.
In the presence of pitiful photos, a person will automatically make a negative image of your property in your mind.
Avoid both cases. Take good quality pictures and upload them with good captions. In the end, it is all a game of presentation.

5. Not Asking for Reviews

You don’t need to feel shy. After all, it is your right to know the caliber of your service. Also, after a trip, most guests just forget about the trip and Airbnb till it is time to use the website again and then, it is too late.
You can avoid this by politely asking the guests to rate your property, up on the website. Chances are he/she will give a positive rating.


  1. Chito Reyes says:

    Made an honest to goodness review recently as guest. Host offended and made uncalled for remark. Should have taken it as constructive review instead. ‘Twas really not bad all with rate offered for her place.

    • tomrreid says:

      Some hosts do not have the right personality to leave or reply to reviews. The easiest thing to say when replying as a host to a perhaps negative review is to say to the guest, thanks for your honest review which helps us to better our future guests experience .