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September 24, 2017

Top Places To Visit In Cebu

Cebu at night

Cebu City

The credit of the oldest city in the Philippines goes to Cebu. The prestigious city offers a seaport and loads of shopping malls which attract the visitors from all parts of the world. Due to closeness of sea, it also acts a job-opportunity hub for domestic people. Cebu city is a paradise for extroverts. The city is loud and reeks of party culture. I
Cebu city is also famous for its historic attractions. The city houses a 16th century fort “San Pedro” which is an epitome of first Spanish settlers, who settled in Cebu. Another worthwhile place to visit is “Cebu Happy World Museum” in Cordova municipality of Cebu.
In addition, Cebu offers some of the best beaches of South East Asia. Tingko beach in Alcoy is a good choice for people who want to enjoy some peace. Situated in a deep lagoon, it is part of a coral island “Mabad on Reef”.
For some quality family holiday, try the near islands of Malapascua.

Malapascua Island

The Malapascua Island is the perfect spot for couples and for people who want to celebrate their anniversary in the best way possible. The island is tourist friendly i.e. from a diverse range of prestigious hotels to economic huts, a traveler can avail any type of accommodation.
The island of Malapscua offers everything, a traveler needs to have a good time. Beach, cocktails, boating and diving. It is one of the most popular diving attractions of South East Asia, where thousands of people come for a diving experience throughout the year.


Every place has a unique charm. The charm of Cebu is diving. The noble sports of diving is offered in many places and one of them is Moalboal. The hub of all the attraction, Panagsama beach offers a wide array of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. You want to work on your suntan in Cebu, this is the place where you ought to be.
In addition, water sports such as canoeing, sea kayaking, parasailing and banana boating are also offered.

Lapu Lapu

Don’t get confused with the repetition of a single word. The place does exist and it is the heart of Mactan Island. Due to dense population, the place has a family like vibe. Most tourists that come here, enjoy with their families. There is a waterpark for all recreational activities. Also, due to availability of cost efficient accommodation, people of all sorts of pay scale unite in the central attraction hub of Mactan Island and enjoy the many resorts found on the island.

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