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What Guests Look For When Deciding The Best Property To Book?

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People love to travel and book temporary accommodations. These temporary lodgings act as a door to creation of powerful memories so make sure your property is up to the standards of target market.
We’ll write some tips which will give you more understanding about what is inside the minds of guests, when they decide to book a property.


Donald Trump is the current president of the United States of America. He’s also known as a famous realtor throughout the world. Someone asked him three questions about what are the most important things, one should consider while buying a property. In all three answers, he replied “Location”
There’s weight in the presidential statement. Location matters a lot. Most guests want a location near a famous place, from where markets and hospitals are accessible. People are spending their money so they want a place which would be center of all the attractions.


Pricing is a prominent factor in the decision of booking a property. There is an inverse relation between location and pricing. Far off the location, lower will be the price and vice versa. Often, guests have to compromise a little on both sides to finalize a property.

Swimming Pool

No matter what, at the end of the day, everyone loves an appealing swimming pool. If your property lacks a swimming pool, it is high time for its necessity.
Pools are a sight to sore eyes, especially in the summers. Even if guests don’t want to swim, one can always relax on a chair with a cold drink.

Guest Services

Zero and one are not equal. The homes offering guest services will always be prioritized over homes without guest services. Unattended private properties might offer a paradise for hipsters but family people want to be treated well inside a property. They spent their hard earned money on it so it is only fair that someone would treat them like kings and queens.
Services like concierge, butler, waiter and cleaners are always welcomed by big spenders. Whether business or pleasure trip, modern travelers like to be treated well.
If your place is good enough, chances are they’ll come back again. They can even recommend your property to their friends and families.


A furnished property is like a woman having her beauty enhanced with jewelry. Presentation matters a lot. After all, you do want people to book your property and have a good time. What good be the booking if they come all excited and get all sad to see an unfurnished property? There’s a good chance they will leave your property with a bad review and this could seriously affect your business.
You don’t need to have all that fancy furnishings which would even be heavy to your pocket but you also don’t want your property to look like a desolated orphanage.
Moderately invest some amount in the furnishing of your property. Have it painted – utilize admirable chandeliers and opt for relaxing furniture to give your guests a time of their life.

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